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Happy, fulfilled and changing the world! Around here, ‘Value’ is based on your ability to nurture, delight and add joy. We want you to become an inspiration and give back by being the very best you can be, which means thinking outside the box, trusting your instincts and following your dreams.
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No money? Here’s 8 ways to give back for free.

The easy and convenient thing about money is that it absolves us from making connections. We can pay, and leave. There is no obligation hanging over our heads, no sense that something is out of balance: it’s all sorted out. Without money, on the other hand, gaining something can be a burden instead of a gift. That’s the upside of...


Running on Empty: why the way we’re living has to change

Our society teaches us that we can never have enough. It demands that there should be no ceiling to our goals, while also teaching that there is not enough to go around. It teaches that we must fight, and that most of us will lose. Not Enough is a sickness of our time. It leads to destructive, manipulative, controlling behaviour...


From whinging to winning: beating the path to powerful change.

Ok, I admit it, I get angry about stuff. I hate (HATE!) the way the economy drives our every decision, how living creatures are treated as commodities, how big businesses run roughshod over everyone and everything in the name of growing their profits. I SEETHE and FUME at smug, self-satisfied politicians who are more interested in their own pocket books...