Category: Have What You Need

As long as you’re struggling along with just enough to survive, you haven’t got the time, energy or resources for anything else. Here we discuss the art of having what you really need to thrive, and it isn’t just about money! This is about knowing yourself and what you really want, as well as asking, receiving and creating more with what you have.
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No money? Here’s 8 ways to give back for free.

The easy and convenient thing about money is that it absolves us from making connections. We can pay, and leave. There is no obligation hanging over our heads, no sense that something is out of balance: it’s all sorted out. Without money, on the other hand, gaining something can be a burden instead of a gift. That’s the upside of...


Squeezed: what happens when the money worries win

We’re driving across country to visit my Father, with the car lurching and creaking and making a disconcerting ‘clunk’ whenever we switch down a gear. My Fella is has a huge black cloud hanging over his head because the petrol station was 1p more expensive per litre, but we had to use it because the car was basically running on...


Why having money is a good thing (as long as you do it right)

One of my pet peeves is hearing good people trying to justify their desire to have a bit more of the good stuff in their lives. The oft-heard (but oh-so-sad to hear) phrase goes along the following lines:    “I’m not greedy. I don’t want much – I just want enough to be comfortable.”    And there you have it....