Category: Succeed On Your Terms

We’re redefining success to include happiness, fulfillment and work that challenges you to grow. Sure, money’s great, but until you’re using your gifts you won’t believe what you’re worth. We want you to love your work, find where you fit and watch yourself shine!
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The worst job I ever had

Life choices have led to me having more jobs in 20 years than many people have in a lifetime. This has good points and bad, but generally the variety and constant delivery of new faces and new challenges has suited me well. However, one job stands out as one of the worst experiences of my life. This was the second...


Five fake reasons for not living life your way (and one real one)

Confession time. I got an email from LinkedIn this week – apparently I have a work anniversary which marks 4 years (Four! Years!!!) since I first launched a website, fired up by the excitement of becoming a 6-figure-earning coach by the end of the summer. Nice thought. The reality? Well… Let’s not go there. It’s depressing.   But I’ve thought long...